Corporate Affairs

Gobierno corporativo


We support all of our self-regulation, compliance, and corporate governance mechanisms on a culture based on values that guarantee ethical and transparent management for our shareholders and other interest groups.


We respect Human Rights all along our chain of value, and promote this respect in other members of the society.

Human Rights

We transfer our best practices in Human Rights to our clients and suppliers.

Good Governance

Our Good Governance model is based on processes that assure adequate governability, and on a commitment for self-regulation. We apply it thoroughly in Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, and Peru, and since 2012 in the Dominican Republic.


Our governance bodies and mechanisms assure adequate management and high capacity for governability. We have a General Shareholders Assembly in each one of the countries as the highest governance body, and a Board of Directors as the main managing entity.


We strengthen the self-regulation mechanisms in all the countries where we operate, which is reflected on the increase of the responsible use and of the effectiveness of the Ethic Line.

Good practices

We incorporate gender equality action plans in our good practices.

Self regulation

We have self- regulation mechanisms for ethical and transparent management: Good Governance Code and Code of Conduct.


The Good Governance Code contains the principles that frame Terpel’s administration and good governance. It was created to strengthen management transparency, and adequate guarantee of shareholders’ rights.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is a statement of policies and procedures that allow us to guide our actions within the organization, with each one of our publics, legally and ethically.

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