More than 50 years of history

  1. For first service station in Bucaramanga, Santander


    Terpel is born

    Terpel started in Bucaramanga with 20 service stations with the objective of solving the fuel shortage problem in the department of Santander.

  2. Old DC-3


    Terpel ventured into the aviation business

    Terpel started distributing fuel to the Colombian aviation industry.

  3. 1972

    Terpel Centro is born

    We conquer the heart of Manizales, and formed Terpel Centro, counting with ECOPETROL as the main shareholder.

  4. Old photograph of Medellin


    Terpel Antioquia is born

    We reinforced our expansion in the Colombian Northwestern region by creating Terpel Antioquia.

  5. First Terpel oils and lubricants


    Oil and lubricants Business

    In order to cover the needs for oil and lubricant in Colombia, the first oil and lubricant company in born with production of one million quarts.

  6. Neiva Joint Plant


    Terpel Sur is born

    Terpel Sur was created with the construction of the Mariquita-Neiva pipeline. Participating in this expansion were Terpel Centro and private investors.

  7. 1983

    Terpel Norte is born

    Business grew into the northern region of the country with the creation of Terpel Norte operation to mobilize Colombians in the region.

  8. Candelaria, Bogota, Colombia


    Terpel Sabana is born

    Terpel Sabana is born

  9. 1988

    Terpel Occidente is born

    By creating Terpel Occidente we reached every corner in Colombia, growing as country allies with 800 service stations and 20 procurement plants.

  10. 1993

    Terpel entered the marine business

    Our operational excellence enable us to establish a diesel fuel distribution line for the marine segment.

  11. Estoraques Service Station, Bucaramanga.


    A Sun in Motion

    For the first time, a sun is established as the image and symbol of Terpel, representing the source of energy that mobilizes the country.

  12. Chimitá Plant


    Creation of Terpel Organization

    We strengthened our organization by unifying the seven Terpels, and consolidating Terpel Organization as a leader in the local fuel distribution market.

  13. Terpel Foundation


    Terpel Foundation is born

    We grew as education allies in Colombia by creating Terpel Foundation to work on improving education quality.

  14. Terminal de Carga Service Station, Bogotá


    A New Sun

    Terpel announced a new sun as its image of trust, vivacity and closeness.

  15. Guayaquil Service Station


    Terpel arrives to Ecuador

    We conquered the heart of Ecuadorians with 65 service stations, and 8% share of the national market.

  16. 2007

    Terpel arrives to Panamá

    Terpel purchased 53 service stations which operated under the brand Accel in Panama, reaching 13% of the national market share.

  17. 2007

    Terpel in Chile

    Terpel purchased the retail network of Repsol YPF, acquiring 206 service stations, and 14% of the country’s market.

  18. 2008

    Gazel is Terpel

    Terpel, with the purchase of Gazel, leader in the Colombian vehicle natural gas market, broadened its service portfolio to provide clients with a sustainable mobility option.

  19. 2008

    Terpel in Mexico

    Terpel, with the purchase of hazel, pioneers in the supply of vehicle natural gas in this country.

  20. 2009

    Convenience Stores

    Because we offer more then fuel, we opened convenience stores in our service stations in Panama and Ecuador.

  21. 2009

    Gazel Perú

    We expanded our good practices in vehicle natural gas in Perú.

  22. 2011

    We mobilize Metroplús

    Terpel became Medellin’s commercial partner by providing vehicle natural gas for Metropolis massive transportation system.

  23. 2011

    Terpel enters the Dominican Republic

    We internationalized our aviation business in the Dominican Republic to share our good practices at airports: Las Americas, Santo Domingo, Gregorio Luperon and La Isabela.

  24. 2012

    Terpel World

    We provide the best experiences to our clients with Terpel World app. It offers geo-reference, smart routes, agenda, alarms and fuel consumption calculator.

  25. 2012

    Terpel’s new era

    We keep working to be first in the heart of Colombians, anticipating their needs and offering experience at you service.

  26. 2013

    Based on the concept, “We serve people, not cars,” Terpel begins implementation of complementary services that create memorable experiences for its consumers.

  27. 2013

    Terpel enters the public securities market with its first bond issue. Merger takes place of Terpel Centro, SIE and Proenergía.

  28. 2014

    Terpel lists its shares on the Securities Exchange, positioning it as one of Colombia's principal private companies.

  29. 2015

    To expand its offer of people-focused services, Terpel implements pump islands exclusively for motorcycles. The islands with a modern design are equipped with the latest technology and manned by personnel who are knowledgeable about motorcycle mechanics. Terpel thus offers the best service to this segment.

  30. 2016

    Organización Terpel joins the list of companies with the best performance in sustainability around the world. Thanks to its advances and its development of best practices in economic, social, and environmental terms, Terpel is included in the RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbook, the most complete and best-recognized publication on corporate sustainability.

  31. 2017

    Terpel is included, for the second consecutive year, in the RobecoSAM Sustainability Yearbook.

  32. 2018

    Terpel acquires the lubricant business from ExxonMobil in Colombia, in addition to that company’s operations in Ecuador and Peru. It thus consolidates its leadership in the region through Mobil, the leading global brand in lubrication technologies.

  33. 2018

    Terpel completes 50 years of service to Colombians. Thank you!

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