March 2013

Cali enjoys the Terpel service transformation

Cali enjoys the Terpel service transformation

  • Cali is enjoying the new Terpel service experience at the Autopista Station, that now hace new products: the Ziclos carwash, the Alto convenience store and the credit card to save while filling up.

  • Terpel wants each visit to a Cali service station to be a memorable experience, so it has brought the highest standards of quality to the capital of the Department of Valle.

  • In the next few months, Caleños can see the transformation under the motto “At your service,” focused on serving people, not cars, which will also be seen in other service stations in the city.

Ziclos A new carwash format

Ziclos is a new carwash format that brings together technology, innovation, quality and speed, so that customers can wash their car without getting wet, with a modern pressure – washing system using demineralized water, which does not leave any residue or stains while saving time and is environment friendly. Users can clean their car in as little as 3.5 minutes at a great price.

Convenience store

Alto is a functional – format convenience store, distributed in 50 m2. It is a 24 – hour point of sales where clients of the service station can find a variety of foods and beverages that are typical to the region, as well as ATMs and Wi – Fi.

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