June 2013

Higher quality in education for more than 13,000 children in Armenia

Higher quality in education for more than 13,000 children in Armenia

  • Fundación Terpel, whose focus is to strengthen the quality of education, has designed a comprehensive program for all involved in the educational chain: students, teachers, Secretaries of Education, directors and parents.

  • The program aims to improve basic skills in mathematics and language. These two areas mark the path of knowledge: Language provides the ability to understand and mathematics, logical thinking.

  • The Fundación has focused its efforts in Armenia because – according to the SABER tests taken in public schools, 64% of the students need reinforcement in language and 74% in mathematics.

  • So, Terpel is committed to reaching all corners of Colombia, providing unrivaled service, to continue building the dream of being the number 1 brand in the heart of Colombians. Terpel is always at your service.

Fundación Terpel, which works for the quality of education in Colombia, has arrived in Armenia with the program to strengthen basic skills in mathematics, language and leadership, through a revolutionary method that has yielded excellent results in other nations that are now global powers. The program will provide an opportunity to more than 13,000 children, to have access to higher quality education.

The aim is to improve math and language skills. These two areas are understood as being those that mark the path of knowledge: Language provides the ability to understand and communicate, while mathematics provides logical thinking. Leadership is the differentiating component that provides the basic tools so that children – our citizens of the future – meet the enormous challenges of development that our country has ahead of itself.

The program lasts for 30 months, during which Secretaries of Education, directors, teachers, students and parents will work together. In the end, it is expected that students will improve their performance, since the SABER tests, taken in public schools in Armenia, showed that 64% of the students obtained results below the satisfactory level, while 74% of the students had the same results in mathematics.

“As an ally of quality education in Colombia, Fundación Terpel arrived in Armenia to shake hands with the city and reach the goal set by the Ministry of Education, focusing on improving the skill level in the public schools in the SABER tests by 25%. This is a proven method that has contributed to the development of countries that are now global powers. Strengthening skills in mathematics and language is key, since they mark the path of knowledge of our children,” , said Silvia Madriñán, Fundación Terpel Director.

The methodology of the program contributes to the Ministry of Education’s focus on basic skills and offers the educational community training workshops and support in the classroom, through the development of skills and techniques that are implemented by teachers.

The program trains and accompanies school directors and quality teams to strengthen their knowledge, leadership skills and school management. Parents have the opportunity to strengthen their ties with the school to improve the sense of belonging and the impact of the school in the education of their children.

Through an application process disclosed by the Secretary of Education of Armenia, 10 schools, with their 23 campuses, were chosen where the program will be implemented, including Ciudadela del Sur, Ciudadela Empresarial Cuyabra, Rufino José Cuervo Sur, Los Quindos, Gustavo Matamoros, Instituto Técnico Industrial, Nuestra Señora de Belén, Cámara Junior, Eudoro Granada and Ciudadela Occidente.

In its first stage, the program has benefitted 40,443 people from 30 schools in the country. The goal of this new program, which included the city of Armenia, is 35,500 students and teachers.

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