April 2013

Now it is possible to save by filling up with the Terpel Colpatria Credit Card

  • With the Terpel-Colpatria credit card, drivers will enjoy a 2% savings on their total purchase in the Terpel Service Stations.

  • This new credit card is the result of Terpel’s ongoing commitment to innovate and offer its clients memorable service experiences, because in Terpel, we serve people, not cars.

  • Seeking to create the best experience for the clients of our service – station network, Terpel’s created an alliance with Colpatria, the leading and pioneer entity, for the last 12 years, in shared – brand credit cards, thus providing great support and experience.

  • The Terpel-Colpatria credit card has no handling fee for one year and offers discounts for purchases in other allied establishments, such as hotels, restaurants, clothing stores and parks, among others.

The Terpel-Colpatria credit card, which allows Colombians to save while tanking up, forms part of Terpel’s commitment to deliver innovative products and memorable service experiences to Colombians in its service stations.

With the Terpel-Colpatria credit card, clients will save 2% on all their purchases made in the Terpel Service Stations and 1% on purchases in the allied establishments. Likewise, they may also access different promotions, including a 15% discount in associated establishments, becoming a major ally of Colombian savings.

“With this new service, our clients can save and enjoy a memorable service experience in our network of Terpel service stations. Similarly, we will continue advancing in the renovation process that contemplates a new infrastructure, competitive price and, above all, experiences of good service and benefits for our clients,” stated Sylvia Escovar, Terpel CEO.

Backing, the Experience of Colpatria

This credit card is the result of a partnership with Banco Colpatria, which provides backing and security to clients, since it is a leading bank and pioneer in this type of shared – brand credit cards.

For the Banco Colpatria CEO, a large part of this constant growth of the entity in the credit – card industry is based on the relation that it establishes with strategic business allies.

“The success of products with these characteristics begins from the first moment in which the partner is chosen, considering the leadership it has in the segment, the loyalty programs for clients and the ability to build together a value – added offer for clients and the market in general,” said the Colpatria CEO.

So that this credit card is easily accessible for all Colombians, Terpel and Colpatria are offering credit limits beginning at COP 500,000, to suit the different capabilities of indebtedness. The categories offered are Basic, Classic and Gold.


The Terpel – Colpatria credit card can be obtained:

in the Terpel Service Stations, which are identified with the advertising for the card, where clients will find promoters trained by the Bank and a mailbox to deposit the application forms.

The credit card may also be obtained by entering www.tarjetaterpel.com

as well as the Banco Colpatria branch offices nationwide.

Among the brands that have associated with the card are restaurants, clothing stores, workshops, hotels, cinemas and parks. For example, Hotel Dann Carlton Medellín, Hotel San Fernando Plaza, Presto, Levis, Silver Store, Studio F, Tania, Jeanos Pizza, Calzado Nueva Moda, Don Jacobo, Gino Pascalli, Pizza-Pizza, Automas and Parque Chicamocha, among others.

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