November 2012

The Terpel stations, unique in Latin America

Service Stations

Considering the needs of users and providing excellent services, Terpel has revolutionized the fuel category in Colombia, through innovative stations where all Colombian will enjoy memorable experiences.

The design, unique in the world, is inspired in innovation, modernity, technology and good service. For the construction of the stations, materials that permit more light and agile maintenance and cleaning were used.

The transformation of the entire Terpel network will be carried out gradually, beginning in 2012 with 10 service stations located in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Melgar and Cogua; 375 service stations will have the new brand in 2013.

Thus, Terpel has worked on several fronts, to understand, anticipate and meet customer needs by implementing new services in the stations. The formats that join technology, innovation, warmth and speed, will surprise consumers across the country.

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