May 2013

The first graduation of high - performance driver who serve the country

  • With this initiative, the leading company in fuel distribution and sales in the country seeks to offer comprehensive training, aimed at the personal and professional development of the staff or some clients dedicated to land transport.

  • Terpel, an ally of the country and its customers, graduated the first class of 120 drivers who passed the High – Performance Driving Diploma.

  • The 120 graduates, who attended the diploma course offered by Terpel work for companies from all sectors, such as Bimbo, Alquería, Coca – Cola, Edinsa and Asogas, among others.

Thanks to the initiative led by Terpel in alliance with the Universidad Manuela Beltrán, there are now 120 drivers on the roads of our country and who trained in the High – Performance Driving Diploma for six months.

During 120 hours of virtual classes and classroom attendance, and supported with printed and audio – visual material, the drivers had access to different modules, such as occupational health and the environment, road safety and professional techniques, transport logistics operation, lubricants, fuels, maintenance and technical – mechanical control.

“We believe the country and our clients deserve the best fuel, the best service and safe roads where they transport their products. These 120 drivers trained in high performance will be replicators of our offer by good example. This is another example of the fulfillment of our promise of Terpel service, where we serve people, not cars,”,stated Tony Quintero, Terpel’s Commercial Vice President.

The training was conducted in collaboration with the Universidad Manuela Beltran, the Fundación Latinoamericana para el Liderazgo de los Transportadores and the Centro de Estudios Latinoamericanos para la Formación Humana Integral. The 120 graduates belong to companies such as Adispetrol, Alquería, Bimbo, Asogas, Transmeta, Mamut de Colombia and Coca-Cola, among others, who, starting today, will be a good example of high – performance drivers on Colombian roads.

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