February 2013

The new Terpel Credit Card

The new Terpel Credit Card

The new Terpel era has new products and services so that our clients enjoy memorable experiences. We now present the Terpel Credit Card.

Because Terpel serves people, not cars, we have launched the new Terpel credit cards, allowing its users to save when buying and filling up.

The three cards – Basic, Classic and Gold – offer clients credit limits from COP 500,000 to COP 10 million, with no handling fee for one year.

The savings in fuel purchases with the card at Terpel service stations is 2%, and 1% for purchases in other establishments.

Credit – card clients will receive discounts ranging from 15% to 50% in commercial establishments in alliance with Terpel, such as Hotel Dan Carlton Medellín, Levis, Studio F, Tania, and Jenos Pizza, among many others.

The cards may be acquired at the Terpel service stations, in the Banco Colpatria branch offices and online, where clients fill out an application that will be studied by Banco Colpatria.

The first 1,000 users will receive additional benefits, such as toaster ovens, gloves and kitchen aprons.


We encourage you to get this card, which will be at your service soon!

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