February 2013

With resounding succes, Terpel made its first bond issue

 Bond issue


With a demand for more than three times the amount initially offered, Terpel’s first bond issue was held on February 27 in the local market.

The amount claimed was COP 1,687,231 billion, and was finally awarded for COP 700 billion. As reported at the time, the amount issued was COP 500 billion, with the possibility of awarding up to COP 700 billion.

Proceeds will be used to substitute the bank debt, which will allow the company to improve its capital structure and strengthen the financial profile. The bonds issued by Terpel are rated AAA by Fitch Ratings.

“We are very proud of the reception the bonds had in the market. This is a clear sign that there is confidence in what we are doing. Our future goal is to continue being the market leader through memorable service, which has allowed us to become the number 1 brand in the heart of Colombians by taking advantage of an unmatched logistics and commercial network”, stated Sylvia Escovar, Terpel CEO.

This issue by Terpel is the third – largest issue in the history of the Colombian stock market, which is a milestone, considering that this is the first issue made by Terpel.

“We want to thank all those who trust in Terpel and who bet on our issue today. This issue shows that Terpel is solid, with growth plans for the future. We want to continue transforming to become the first differentiating service in the market for our clients. The company has sufficient financial strength to be a very good investment option”, stressed Escovar.

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