Terpel Launches Altoque Store Initiative to Reward Truck Drivers for their Work during COVID-19

  • With free coffee, hot soup, and showers, Altoque stores recognize and express gratitude for the work of these highway heroes, who keep working so the country can keep going.
  • With the motto, #JuntosSaldremosAdelante the company designed an action plan to support different population groups during the COVID-19 crisis.


March 30, 2020

Since March 27, the truck drivers who continue working to keep the country supplied during the COVID-19 crisis receive free hot soup and coffee – to go – along with access to showers, at the Altoque convenience stores at Terpel Service Stations on the country’s highways.

This initiative, part of the #JuntosSaldremosAdelante (#GettingThroughThisTogether) campaign, launched by the company on March 30 to support different population groups during the coronavirus health emergency, will be available in different Departments of Colombia, including Atlántico, Santander, Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Antioquia, Valle, Huila and Casanare, among others.

Truck drivers can locate the stores participating in this initiative at http://altoqueterpel.com/heroesaltoque

“This is a way of saying “thank you” to the truck drivers that keep trucking through Colombia so we can all receive the supplies we need during the quarantine. We want them to see Altoque stores as a place where they can recharge their batteries on their way to their destination,” explained Alejandra Londoño, Vice President of Complementary Businesses at Terpel.

As part of the #JuntosSaldremosAdelante campaign, the company is also donating fuel to transport 108,000 tons of food products in 17 municipalities of the country, through the Food Bank of Colombia (Abaco). It is also supporting the operation by the Civil Air Patrol and Satena to carry medical equipment, transport COVID-19 test samples, and move healthcare personnel from point to point.

Teaming up with the Menu Solidario movement and Rappi, the company will deliver fast food combos to vulnerable population groups. For each meal combo donated by Altoque users through the Rappi app, Terpel will donate an additional meal.

Terpel will also take care of the logistics of picking up and transporting meals from the more than 20 restaurants participating in this movement. It thus makes it viable for the businesses participating in the Menu Solidario initiative to send food to their beneficiaries. Meals will be delivered in partnership with the Secretary of Economic Development and Social Integration at the Office of the Mayor of Bogotá.

On its part, the Terpel Foundation designed a plan to help parents reinforce their children’s skills in mathematics, language arts, and leadership, through the educational content on its social media.

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