Terpel Foundation Supports Education using Social Media during the Quarantine


Bogotá, April 6, 2020.

With the objective of supporting parents, students, and teachers during stay-at-home measures, the Terpel Foundation launched an initiative to strengthen the competencies of children and young people through the virtual content on its social media.

During the quarantine, students can access special content to strengthen their skills in mathematics, language, and leadership through activities they can do together with their families.

The Terpel Foundation also provides useful information to support teacher learning and instruction during this contingency period.

The material is now available on the social media of the Terpel Foundation. You can find it on Twitter as @fundacionterpel and on Facebook on the Fundación Terpel Enseña account.

In addition, as part of its commitment to improve the quality of education in Colombia, the foundation will accompany and help disseminate the Colombia Aprende platform. This platform, developed by the National Ministry of Education, has more than 80,000 content segments in video, audio, and text, including teachers’ guides.

The beneficiaries of the Foundation’s different programs can also access virtual workshops as part of the current programs underway.

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