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Some financial analysts make investment recommendations on Organización Terpel share. These recommendations are made using coverage reports that analyze the environment and operations of the Company. Additionally they normally set a target price for the share in a range of time. To set this price each analyst uses a different methodology. The meaning of the recommendation made and the methodology for calculating the price target are described in their respective reports.

This is a list of financial analysts covering the Organización Terpel share. It may not be complete and is subject to change. To know more about their investment recommendations , you may contact them directly by phone or email.







Credicorp Capital Jaime Pedroza +(571) 339 4400
LarrainVial Vicente Rodriguez +(562) 2616 5643
Nau Securities Pedro Baptista +44 20 7947 5510
Davivienda Corredores Luisa Fernanda Arce + (571) 312 3300

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