Corporate mobility

Corporate Mobility

Terpel develops its projects establishing a service and value added scenario for customers and clients.

Therefore, we offer the following set of benefits in our commercial proposal:

Fuel control and administration system

This is a commercial program that establishes total control parameters of the fuel consumption of your transportation fleet, using a wide network of service stations and centralizing information. It consists of installing a microchip in each one of the fleet vehicles, to record the possible variables to be controlled.

A reading device on the electronic fuel dispenser captures the information, centralizes it, and stores it in a database. This enables managing the data of vehicles in real time, and obtaining fuel consumption information via a webpage.

Quality and Measurement

Terpel service stations are equipped with fuel control and management system, as well as with modern electronic devices and computer controlled systems, both in fuel pumps and in tanks, which guarantees an excellent measurement and maintenance of the products’ quality conditions.

Service station network coverage

We have established a Terpel service station network equipped with the fuel control system. These stations are strategically located on main roads and cities in the country, to establish your fleet according to the routes you may want to define.

Additional services:

Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

We have engineers in our team specialized in fuel handling and service station equipment operations.

Training Programs

Training Programs

We provide training sessions on safety and correct fuel and oil use.

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