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Fuel consumption tipsYou should know

We recommend that you fill the tank of your vehicle early in the day, because fuel density is lower in the morning, which means your vehicle performance will be higher.

Fuel consumption tipsv

Always fill your vehicle’s fuel tank completely. This reduces fuel evaporation, and enables you to keep better track of fuel expenses and mileage per gallon. Discover the fuel consumption calculator at Terpel World and keep a more controlled record of your fuel expenses.

Fuel consumption tipsou should know

Did you know that the more fuel in the tank, the less air, and therefore less air for evaporation? This is why we recommend filling your fuel tank when it is half-full.

Fuel consumption tipsYou should know

To avoid unnecessary fuel consumption, the best thing you can do in traffic jams is not to repeatedly turn your vehicle on and off.

Fuel consumption tipsYou should know

To achieve considerable savings in vehicle expenses, drive at the minimum speed allowed, this way you will reduce fuel consumption and will be safer. Are you thinking about the best way to save money? Discover Terpel’s promotional offers at www.mundoterpel.com and enjoy a world full of surprises.

Product descriptionProduct description

Regular gasoline is a mixture of between 200 and 300 different hydrocarbons. In regular gasoline production, the combustible fractions are chemically treated with caustic soda, which eliminates sulfur compounds such as sulfides and mercaptans.

Product descriptionProduct description

Regular diesel fuel or ACPM is a mixture of hydrocarbons with 10 to 28 carbon atoms. We developed Diesel Microfiltrado Plus in Terpel. This program improves diesel quality in terms of cleanliness, by implementing a better filtration level that protects vehicles from premature engine wear and damages.


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