Marinos productos

Marine diesel

Marine diesel is a fuel especially prepared through the blend of middle distillate, originated in the atmospheric distillation of crude. Its ignition quality is characterized by the cetane index or cetane number. It is designed to be used especially as fuel for fishing vessels and boats in diesel engines.

Source: Ecopetrol


Light fuel oils (ALC, in Spanish) is a product obtained in the modern processes of catalytic cracking of diesel fuels, when submitted to molecular breakage in presence of selective catalysts and at temperatures over 500°C. Its highly naphthenic and aromatic composition gives it the property of a thinner.

Source: Ecopetrol


IFO (Intermediate Fuel Oil) is a marine fuel that belongs to the group of residual fuels, used by large size vessels in the international market, tankers and industrial electric energy generation plants. IFO goes always with the centistokes degrees which measure its viscosity, the most common degrees are 180 and 380.

Source: Ecopetrol

Should know...

Should know

Within the frame of the IBIA (International Bunker Industry Association) Convention, which took place in Dubai, Terpel participated as leader of one of the sections where were discussed among other topics, Innovation, GNL future prices, fuel quality tendencies, most important Middle East ports, maritime and bunkers industries relations.