Service is in our DNA

As your strategic partner, we have developed programs to ensure we are always nearby and can help make sure your operations never stop.

Personalized sales and technical support

We are familiar with the particularities of each sector and have a specialized sales team that works with our technical team to develop solutions that will create value in line with the needs of your operation.

Network of plants and strategic partners with national coverage

We have 26 plants to supply liquid fuels and 3 for dispatches of fuel oil, in addition to an extensive channel of industrial distributors that offer bulk deliveries.

Virtual Assistance Model

We know industry is constantly on the move, and for that reason we accompany you 24/7 through our different channels available to serve you.

Clean industry program

We have put all the experience and knowledge we have acquired during the more than 50 years we have been in the market into our certificate training programs, so you can pass on that same experience and knowledge to your employees.

We work to make your operation efficient

To optimize your operating costs, we have different solutions available so you can keep your operation constantly on the move at an optimal cost.

Tailored solutions for a preventive maintenance program

We put together the best solution for you, considering both infrastructure and equipment, and accompany you in the process of procurement and maintenance.

Control system for the operation

We provide tools for inventory control and dispensing procedures in line with the needs of your operation.

Outsourcing your operation

We are the only wholesaler that offers the administration of storage, supply, and control at our customers’ installations.