Fundación Terpel

Leader in Me ®

This leadership model is based on Franklin Covey's seven habits of effective management and trains teachers to incorporate leadership practices in educational activities with their students. The initiative thus trains teachers and students in the skills and habits they need to exercise leadership at school, at home, and in the community.

Design for Change ®

This worldwide social innovation movement originated in India and its methodology focuses on design thinking. Its main objective is to empower students, guided by their teachers, to work through the steps, "Feel, Imagine, Do, and Share," developing basic social and emotional competencies for bringing about change in benefit of their communities.

My Future Now

My Future Now is an education fund created to support technical, technological, and job training for Terpel service station promoters, Altoque store hosts, and their children. The fund finances 80% of the total cost of the training and provides psychosocial and academic support for the beneficiaries until they graduate.

Interactive Classrooms

This project is about building an eco-friendly space equipped with solar panels and technological tools that facilitate innovation by teachers in their classroom practices, and help capture students' attention by sharing a variety of content in a dynamic and interactive way. The purpose of the classroom is to promote the social development of the educational community through an innovative solution that integrates education, infrastructure, and energy.